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Quality Policy

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AQS Liquid Transfer (Pty) Ltd hereinafter referred to as AQS, is selling pumps and related products through a network of partners by providing them with high quality products and superior customer service.

Management Commitment To Quality

The top management of AQS shall ensure that the quality policy

  • is appropriate to the purpose of the organization,
  • includes a commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system,
  • provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives,
  • is communicated and understood within the organization, and
  • is reviewed for continuing suitability.”

Quality will be our first priority at all times and we shall consider the level and type of improvement needed for the organization to be successful, the expected degree of customer satisfaction, the development of people, the needs and expectations of other interested parties, the resources needed to go beyond ISO 9001 standards and potential contributions of suppliers and partners.

Quality Attitude

As a team we are totally committed to ensure that we sell products of the highest quality in order to gain and keep loyal and happy customers.

Vision, Mission For Quality

Our vision, mission and objectives enable us to continually improve our complete business thereby rendering a high quality service to customers and all related parties. It therefore ensures that we grow our business by reflecting a service of superior quality. By adhering to our vision, mission and objectives we will confirm our attitude of continuous improving the way we work, the safety of our work environment and the trust of our customers. Key operational processes will also be identified and the links between these processes in order to function effectively.

Quality Objectives

Our quality objectives enable us to continually sell equipment of the highest standard, in the right quantities, at the most competitive price, at the right time and place according to customer specification. Working towards attaining these objectives will lead to customer satisfaction, higher performance of staff, continual improvement and better efficiency throughout.

Continual Improvement

The total commitment of AQS will be towards continually improving our business and business processes in order to render a better and higher quality service thereby strengthening and extending our business at large.

Customer Satisfaction

At AQS we strive to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction by:

  • Knowing our customer needs through constant cooperation, involvement and sound communication.
  • Understanding the requirements of our jobs and the system supporting us through education and training.
  • Making continuous improvements through team participation and daily analysis and measurement of processes and policies.
  • Remembering that the customer is king! And those customers are our reason for existence.
  • Aligning all our internal activities in order to have happy staff that will serve customers well.


At AQS we shall endeavour to provide resources in order to build a quality management system and by doing so, improving our business on a continuous basis. Care will be taken to continually improve the competency, training and awareness of our personnel, supplying the infrastructure necessary for achieving effective and efficient products realization, creating a work environment conducive for motivation, satisfaction and performance and supply the financial resources in order to continually improve.

Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

AQS will meet the statutory and regulatory requirements that apply to products, processes and activities in order to comply with the standards required by the industries we are working with.


This policy was endorsed by the Director Mining of AQS LT (PTY), LTD on this 12th day of March 2012 at Montana, Pretoria and will be communicated throughout the organization and to all interested parties. It will be reviewed once a year to ensure the future success of AQS Liquid Transfer PTY (Ltd).

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