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WSD35-22 2.2kW Screened Sewage Submersible Pump

High performance submersible pump for clean water and screened sewage applications. Manufactured from cast iron and stainless steel, the WSD Submersible pump is a compact and mobile unit. The single-phase units are available automatic floating switch.




  1. The WSD Range pumps are fitted with open vane impellers. The units are designed for screened sewage pumping applications, but supplied with removable suction screen for dual purpose use in dewatering applications.
  2. The WSD Range finds application in screened sewage and dewatering for building services, mining, garden/domestic and construction industries.

Operating Conditions

  1. Liquid temperature: up to 40°C
  2. Maximum operating depth: 10m below water level
  3. Maximum density of the pumped liquid: 1kg/l

Materials Of Construction

  1. Cast-iron pump body.
  2. Double stainless steel mechanical seal (graphite/ceramic and graphite/silicon carbide). Nitrile elastomer.
  3. Float level control with single phase pumps.
  4. Cast iron open vane impeller.
  5. Thermal overload protection for single-phase motor.

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