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Widethroat Progressive Cavity Pump

The design of the W range is such that many different applications can be handled. The standard design consists of an enlarged rectangular inlet with a screw conveyor to assist the product into the pumping element. Options exist that can modify the inlet with either large diameter augers, integral bridge breakers or both. Available in two, four, six and eight stage pumps that can develop pressures up to 48 Bar and capacities up to 215m³/hour. Designed to handle highly viscous materials such as sludges, slurries,thick non -flowing pastes and dewatered sludge cake with viscosity of up to 1,000,000 cP.


Benefits and Features:

The range is based on single, two, four, six and eight stage pumps which can develop pressures up to 48 bar and capacities up to 215m³/h.

  1. Capacity: Up to 215 m³/hr (946 US gpm)
  2. Pressure: Up to 48 bar (700 psi)
  3. Temperature: -10° C to 100° C (14°F up to 212°F)

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