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VSU Vertical Spindle

With its robust design consisting of a chrome iron casing and impeller, the VSU Vertical Spindle pumps offer exceptional wear resistance and first-rate reliability. The pumps deliver a head of up to 80m and a flow of up to 240mᶟ/h


VSU Applications:

  1. Mill scale
  2. Settled sludge
  3. Coal slurry
  4. Waste water
  5. Clay slurry
  6. Coal fines
  7. Clarifier sludge
  8. Plant waste

50MM Range:

  1. VSU 50CR-250-7.5 4POLE 70m³/h 23m 7.5kW
  2. VSU 50CR-250-22 2POLE 84m³/h 80m 22kW

80MM Range:

  1. VSU 80CR-250-11 4POLE 125m³/h 24m 11kW
  2. VSU 80CR-200-22 2POLE 110m³/h 55m 22kW
  3. VSU 80CR-220-37 2POLE 160m³/h 70m 37kW

100MM Range:

  1. VSU 100CR-270-15 4POLE 180m³/h 24m 15kW
  2. VSU 100CR-210-37 2POLE 240m³/h 80m 37kW

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