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VSP Vertical Spindle

The VSP Vertical Spindles are designed with a vortex type impeller with higher solids handling in mind. The chrome iron casing and impeller offer first-rate wear resistance and reliability. The pumps deliver a head of up to 92m and a flow of up to 160mᶟ/h. The pumps are used in the mining industry for dewatering and slurries and also in sewage treatment plants and abattoirs.


VSP Applications:

  1. Mill scale
  2. Settled sludge
  3. Coal slurry
  4. Waste water
  5. Clay slurry
  6. Coal fines
  7. Clarifier sludge
  8. Plant waste
  9. Coal pile runoff
  10. Foundry sand
  11. Sewage treatment
  12. Food processing
  13. Abattoirs
  14. Textile mill waste
  15. Black liquor

VSP65 Range:

  1. VSP 65 4POLE 65m³/h 14.8m 7.5kW
  2. VSP 65 2POLE 57.5m³/h 55.9m 22kW

VSP80 Range:

  1. VSP 80 4POLE 157.5m³/h 22.3m 15kW
  2. VSP 80 2POLE 161m³/h 92m 37kW-55kW

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