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Variable Speed Pump VSP1 0.75kW

If you need a steady pressure supply with minimal energy consumption, Vega 0.75kW VSP Pump is the way to go. It has a pressure range of 2 to 4.5 bar and a flow rate of 5 to 66 liters per minute. When there is no flow, it has an automatic start/stop feature built in. This product is issued with a Letter Of Authority.



Features & Benefits:

  1. Easy to operate
  2. Low noise level
  3. Automatic start/stop function
  4. Pre-wired with a 3-point plug
  5. Energy-efficient Up to 80% more energy savings compared to traditional pump systems
  6. Restart delay An integral time delay for restart after 3 seconds protects the motor from heat build-up due to continuous on/off switching
  7. Auto-rotation A built-in timer will automatically start the pump within a pre-selected cycle to rotate the bearings
  8. Constant pressure A pressure transducer ensures that constant pressure is maintained even when multiple water outlets are used simultaneously
  9. Class leading efficiency

The unit has the following integrated functions for protection from:

  1. Dry run
  2. Over-current
  3. Over/under voltage
  4. Overload
  5. Abnormal Pressure

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Video Guides

Troubleshooting VSP Booster Pumps

When all fixtures are shut off, the pump does not turn off.2023-07-28T10:40:25+02:00
  • Retest after closing the valve that is directly attached to the pump’s outlet side.
  • Check for leaks in the plumbing between the pump and the fixtures.
  • Check the pressure in the pressure vessel after releasing all the pressure from the pump and pipeline. The pressure should be between 1.5bar and 2bar
  • Check that the non-return valve on the pump is free of debris and that it is sealing properly.
The pump indicates “waterless” and does not turn on when a fixture is opened.2023-07-28T10:41:17+02:00
  • Examine the water supply tank to see if it is or was empty. Fill the tank and press the “hand start” button to turn the pump on.
  • Check that the pressure does not drop below the value of BO3 for longer than 3 minutes during normal water usage. Otherwise, adjust B03 slightly lower.
The pump continuously cycles on and off, with a delay of a few seconds or minutes in between each cycle.2023-07-28T10:42:24+02:00
  • Check for leaks in the plumbing between the pump and the fixtures.
  • Check that the non-return valve on the pump is free of debris and that it is sealing properly.
When the pump starts or runs, the circuit breaker trips2023-07-28T10:43:20+02:00
  • Confirm that the circuit breaker rating is correct according to the pump size.
  • Look for any traces of water that could cause a short circuit in the controller/VSD or motor.
  • Check all electrical connections for short circuits and exposed wires.
No lights are illuminated on the controller/VSD and the pump doesn’t turn on.2023-07-28T10:44:17+02:00
  • Examine the electrical cable, electrical connections and protection equipment between the power supply and controller/VSD.
  • Ensure that other electrical equipment turns on when plugged into the same outlet as the pump.
The controller/VSD displays E012023-07-28T10:45:18+02:00
  • Check the power supply to the controller/VSD for low voltage conditions.
  • Test the voltage between the neutral and earth terminals. This voltage should be less than 23V
The controller/VSD displays E032023-07-28T10:46:23+02:00

Examine the pressure transducer and the electrical cable between the pressure transducer and the controller/VSD for any damage.

The controller/VSD displays E042023-07-28T10:47:28+02:00
  • Check to see if the motor or aluminium backside of the controller/VSD is hot.
  • Ensure that the motor and controller/VSD has adequate ventilation.
When the pump should start, the controller/VSD displays E08 and the motor doesn’t turn.2023-07-28T10:48:05+02:00

Ensure that the motor turns freely by hand after the power has been switched off.

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