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Valor AODD

Effortless to maintain. Flexible by design. Built robustly for reliable performance. Versamatic’s Valor AODD pump, patent pending.

This new 1” pump with an innovative center section makes conquering pumping challenges easier than ever. Ideal for pump users across a multitude of markets and appplications. Expect additional pump sizes to build out the Valor series with the same innovative features.

Simplified, durable construction allows for easy maintenance and minimized downtime thanks to:

  • An easy-to-service combined main air valve and pilot valve.
  • Feature that provides increased stability during maintenance.
  • All wet side bolts being the same.
  • Torquing the plates and diaphragm together before assembling simplifies maintenance.
  • A five-minute average air side service time compared to 45 minutes or more for competitive AODD pumps.

Durable enough for most pumping applications and equipped with interchangeable components, these pumps give you options, such as:

  • End porting or center porting available.
  • ATEX-compliant materials available soon.
  • Dual-porting option available.
  • Feet that can be re-positioned to match the competition.

Improved stability, sustainability, safety, and flow rates make Valor the AODD pump you can always rely on due to the following robust features:

  • Highest GPM to SCFM ratio on the market.
  • Longer ball and diaphragm life than previous designs.
  • The greatest flow rate of any other 1″ AODD pump.
  • Capable of 125psi operation.

Request more information or order your Valor today. And keep an eye out for Versamatic pumps in 1½”, 2”, and 3” sizes to incorporate the new modular center section soon.




Flow Rate: Adjustable to 0-63 gpm (238 lpm)

Port Size:

  • Suction: 1” ANSI/DIN Flange
  • Discharge: 1” ANSI/DIN Flange

Air Inlet: 3/4” NPT

Air Exhaust: 1” NPT

Suction Lift:

  • Dry: 19’(5.8 m)
  • Wet: 31’ (9.5 m)

Max Solid Size (Diameter): 0.25” (6 mm)

Max Noise Level: 84 dB(A)

Shipping Weight:

  • Polypropylene: 25 lbs. (11.3 kg)
  • PVDF: 42 lbs. (19 kg)
  • Conductive Poly: 28lbs (12.7 kg)

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