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SB1 and SB25 Metallic 1″ (25mm) AODD – Ball Valve Pump

Sandpiper Compact AODD Pump
The Sandpiper 1″ SB1 Heavy-Duty Ball Pump is an exclusive design to SANDPIPER and is best-in-class for moving thin-highly viscous and small, solids-laden fluids.

The 1″ metallic heavy-duty ball pump provides excellent suction lift capabilities and is designed to withstand the most rugged, harsh ball valve pumping applications. This flexible, durable pump offers a range of features including:

  • Compact design
    Weighted check balls (30-60% heavier than solid rubber check balls, allowing for more consistent chamber filling)
    Extended-wear packages
    Ability to easily pump abrasives and slurries

The SB1 also has a variety of porting options, which optimize performance and make installation easy

  • Top-ported: For fluids containing floating solids, suspended solids or entrained gases. The discharge port is positioned above the center of the pump for easier evacuation and less build-up of solid material or gases.
    Down-ported: For fluids containing settling solids. The discharge port is positioned below the center of the pump so solids settle in the elbow and are discharged. This helps reduce wear on the diaphragms and associated components.
    Side-ported: For use in confined spaces. The ports are positioned with the center of the pump, allowing for installation in smaller, cramped spaces [available in 1″ (25 mm) and 1½” (40 mm) sizes only].



  1. Suction/Discharge Port Size:
    • SB1: 1” (25.4mm) NPT(F)
    • SB25: 1” (25.4mm) BSP Tapered
  2. Capacity: 0 to 159 litres/minute
  3. Air Distribution Valve: No-lube, no-stall design
  4. Solids Handling: Up to 6.3 mm
  5. Heads up to: 8.8 kg/cm² or 88 meters of water
  6. Displacement/Stroke: 0.34 litres
  7. Maximum Operating Pressure: 125 psi (8.6 bar)
  8. Weight:
    • Aluminum – 14 kg
    • Stainless Steel – 20 kg
    • Alloy C – 20 kg
    • S/S with Cast Iron Center – 30 kg
    • Alloy C with Cast Iron Center – 30 kg

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