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S30 Non-Metallic 3″ (80mm) AODD – Ball Valve Pump

The Sandpiper S30 Evolution pump is the best 3″ non-metallic AODD pump in the world for bulk transfer applications. Sandpiper’s unique combination of best-in-class max flow rates and lowest air consumption makes them the most efficient and economical bulk transfer pumps available.

S30 Benefits:
Available in corrosion-resistant polypropylene or PVDF
Class-leading maximum flow rate and efficiency
ESADS+ air distribution system: the only pump in its class with an externally serviceable air distribution system (see below)
Bolted construction with stainless steel fasteners




  1. Serviceability: The air distribution system (ADS) is one of the most frequently serviced parts of any AODD pump. Only Sandpiper’s ESADS+ feature allows access to the complete ADS without removing the pump from service. Repair or clean in five minutes (versus 55 minutes for competitors).
  2. Simplicity: Sandpiper’s original ADS is fully interchangeable, repairable and inline-serviceable. Other manufacturers frequently change ADS designs, creating issues with interchangeability, obsolete inventory and increased cost of ownership.
  3. Intake/Discharge Pipe Size: 3″ ANSI Flange or 80mm DIN Flange
  4. Capacity: 0 to 901 litres/minute
  5. Air Distribution Valve: No-lube, no-stall design
  6. Solids Handling: Up to 18mm
  7. Heads up to: 7 bar or 70 meters of water
  8. Displacement/Stroke: 3.41 litres

Various non-metallic materials:

  1. Nitrile
  2. Teflon
  3. EPDM
  4. Neoprene
  5. Santoprene
  6. Viton
  7. Hytrle

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