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S07 Non-Metallic ¾” (20mm) AODD – Ball Valve Pump

This pump has proven itself as a trusted, class-leading air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump for a variety of markets and applications.

The Sandpiper ¾” S07 Non-Metallic AODD Pump provides incredible lightweight portability with the versatility to handle both corrosive fluids and small suspended solids. The trihedral valve option provides unique handling capabilities that prevent damage and move products gently.

The durable bolted construction of the S07 is superior to the clamped -band construction pump, providing exceptional leak-free performance. This pump is designed to be driven by compressed air or nitrogen.

Trust in a simple design
Sandpiper’s original air distribution system (ADS) is fully interchangeable, repairable and inline-serviceable. Other manufacturers frequently change ADS designs, creating issues with interchangeability, obsolete inventory and increased cost of ownership.




  1. Suction/Discharge Port Size:
    • Internal Threads ¾” NPT or ¾” BSP Tapered
    • External Threads 1½” NPT or1½” BSP Tapered
  2. Capacity: 0 to 87 liters per minute
  3. Air Distribution Valve: No-lube, no-stall design
  4. Solids handling: Ball Valve S07B Models – Up to 4mm
  5. Trihedral Valve: S07T Models – Up to 9.1mm Diameter or 10.3cm² area
  6. Heads up to: 7 bar or 70 meters
  7. Displacement/Stroke: 0.098 liter

Various non-metallic materials:

  1. Nitrile
  2. Teflon
  3. EPDM
  4. Neoprene
  5. Santoprene
  6. Viton
  7. Hytrle

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