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RP Series High Pressure Industrial Hose Pump

The RP series of peristaltic pumps are the largest pumps available in the Realax range. These pumps are fitted with shoes rather than the rollers that the smaller ranges are fitted with, this along with the robust construction of the RP series allow for these pumps to handle a maximum pressure of 15 Bar. A wide range of materials of hoses are available for these pumps making them suitable for pumping a wide range of substances. FDA hoses are also available for applications involving food products. Maximum flow rates up to 45 m³/h are achievable with the RP series of pumps.




  1. Suction lift to 9 meters.
  2. Easy and economical to maintain.
  3. Can run dry without damage.
  4. Seal-less.
  5. Resistant to abrasion.
  6. Reversible rotation.
  7. High dosing accuracy.
  8. Corrosion resistant.
  9. Silent.
  10. Easy to clean.

Suitable for tough and demanding high pressure industrial applications up to 72 000l/h and up to 15 bat. Quiet running with vibration damping.

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