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PD Borehole

Using the well proven Progressing cavity /positive displacement pumping method of a simple Rotor and Stator set to tranfer water from a borehole or well to a resevoir or into a irrigation sytem makes these pumps preferable in un-electrified rural areas.

The pump unit is driven by a surface mounted Drive head that allows the transfer of power by means of drive shafts mounted inside the steel piping of the rising main.This piping also acts as the duct for the water. A diesel or petrol engine can be used as the prime mover of the drive head permanently or in the interim until the electricity grid is available

Our offering ranges from flows of .5m³/hour to 110m³/hour with Total heads of up to 300 meters.



Pump Features:

  1. This borehole pump’s key feature is its high pressure and delivery ratio.
  2. The reduced stages ensure extended pump life and ease of operation.

Operating Range

  1. These pumps are for: domestic, agricultural, mining and industrial use.
  2. Head range: 4m – 489m
  3. Flow rate: 70 l/m – 1300 l/m
  4. Minimum immersion: 1m
  5. Maximum sand content: 50g/m3

Key Materials

  1. Suction, stage casing and discharge outlets: stainless steel 304
  2. Impellers: stainless steel 304
  3. Pump shaft: SS AISI 431
  4. Bearing bush: anti friction rubber
  5. Non-return valve: stainless steel 304
  6. Cable guard and strainer: stainless steel 304
  7. Pump motor couplings are as per NEMA standards.

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