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JSWM75 Cast Iron Self-priming 0.75kW

The JSWM75 is recommended for pumping clean water without abrasive particles, as well as liquids that are chemically non-aggressive to the pump’s materials. This unit delivers flow up to 50L/min and pressure up to 5.6Bar. They are suitable for domestic use, irrigation applications, and specifically for the extraction of water from well points due to their reliability, and ease of use. This product is issued with a Letter Of Authority.




  1. These self-priming cast iron jet water pumps are designed for optimal efficiency.
  2. Suction capability of up to 6m depending on altitude.
  3. Suitable applications include, water supply from shallow wells or storage tanks (surface / submerged).
  4. System applications include domestic water supply and garden irrigation.

Operating Limits:

  1. Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar
  2. Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
  3. Liquid temperature: up to +60°C

Design Features:

  1. Pump Body: Cast Iron
  2. Impeller: Brass
  3. Venturi and recirculation chamber: PPO (Poly Phenylene Oxide)
  4. Pump shaft: Stainless Steel 304
  5. Mechanical seal: NBR/Graphite/Ceramic

Product Standard:

  1. IEC 60034-1
  2. IEC 335-1
  3. IEC 31-1
  4. ISO 2548

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