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HS Slurry Submersible Pump

The HS Slurry pumps are designed with a vortex impeller with higher solids handling in mind. The chrome iron casing and impeller offer higher wear resistance and reliability. The pumps are available with an outlet size from 2″ up to 8″. The pumps deliver a head of up to 40m and a maximum flow of up to 1000 mᶟ/h.




Since the impeller is clear of the pump casing, any solids, Fibrous material that can enter the suction inlet will be expelled through the pump discharge.

Solids to 203mm (8 inches) and S.G’s to 1.5 can be handled.


  1. Heads up to 40m can be achieved at speeds 1750 rpm.
  2. The recessed impeller pump will have lower efficiencies than comparable size pump with impeller in the flow path.

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