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HDF2 Metallic 2″ (50mm) AODD – Flap Valve Pump

The Sandpiper 2″ heavy-duty flap valve pump has a proven design that solves the most common challenges in sump applications, mine dewatering and any liquid application involving solids.

This metallic air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump is recommended for abrasive slurries, suspended and non-suspended solids and line-size solids. It is configured with bottom discharge porting to prevent settling solids from shortening pump life and provide superior suction lift.

HDF2 pumps are thick-wall constructed of sand-casted aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel with elastomer and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) diaphragms and check valves.




  1. Port Size: 2″ NPT/BSP
  2. Capacity: 0 to 208 gpm (787 lpm)
  3. Suction Lifts: Up to 24 ft
  4. Air distribution valve: No-lube, no-stall externally serviceable air distribution system (ESADS+) design
  5. Solids handling: Up to 2″ (50 mm)
  6. Heads up to: 125 psi or 289 ft of water (8.6 bar or 88 meters)
  7. Max Operating Pressure: 125 psi (8.6 bar)

The HDF2 pump has been optimized for performance as part of the SANDPIPER Evolution portfolio improvement. This efficient pump experienced a 49% flow rate increase, with a new maximum flow rate of up to 208 gpm (788 lpm).

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