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HDB3 and HDB4 Metallic 3″ & 4″ (80mm & 100mm) AODD – Ball Valve Pumps

The exclusive Sandpiper 3″ HDB3 and 4″ HDB4 Evolution Heavy-Duty Ball Pumps are the best in class for moving thin-highly viscous and small, solids-laden fluids.

These pumps have the AODD pump industry’s highest maximum flow, with up to 300 gpm. They provide excellent suction lift capabilities and are designed to withstand the most rugged and harsh ball valve pumping applications.

All SANDPIPER heavy-duty ball pumps are ATEX-certified. The HDB3 and HDB4 are available in top- and down-ported options for optimized performance. These porting configurations solve critical problems, such as solids and abrasives settling out of the liquid chamber into the ball check area. They are designed to outlast standard pumps.

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