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HDB1½ and HDB40 Metallic 1½” (40mm) AODD – Ball Valve Pump

Sandpiper’s exclusive 1½” heavy-duty ball pump provides excellent suction lift capabilities and is designed to withstand the most rugged and harsh ball valve pumping applications. The compact 1½” metallic pump has thick-walled construction and is part of our Evolution portfolio improvement. This means this pump has been optimized for the maximum amount of flow capacity with the least amount of air/gas consumption.

The 1½” heavy-duty ball pump is available with a side-ported option, which makes installation easy, optimizes performance on the pumped fluid and solves critical pumping problems.



These pumps are enhanced with extended-wear packages and are your optimal solution for abrasive-slurry applications.


  1. Side-ported option: For use in confined spaces. Ports are positioned with the center of the pump, allowing for installation in smaller, confined spaces.
  2. Heavy-duty plunger bushings and actuator pins: Designed to withstand severe applications
  3. Diaphragm wear pads: Installed between the diaphragm and outer diaphragm plate, providing a secondary wear surface that extends the life of the diaphragm
  4. Thicker, more robust wetted castings: Provide extended wear resistance
  5. Heavy-duty weighted check valve balls: Are 30-60% heavier than solid rubber check balls, allowing for more consistent chamber filling
  6. Suction/Discharge Port Size:
    • HDB1½: 1½ NPT
    • HDB40: 1½ BSP (Tapered)
  7.  Capacity: 0 to 397 litres/minute
  8. Air Distribution Valve: No-lube, no-stall design
  9. Solids Handling: Up to 6.3mm
  10. Heads up to: 8.8 kg/cm2 or 88 meters
  11. Maximum Operating Pressure: 125 psi (8.6 bar)
  12. Displacement/Stroke: 1.4 litres
  13. Weight:
    • Aluminum – 34 kg
    • Cast Iron – 47 kg
    • Stainless Steel – 48 kg

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