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DYA-T07 Analogue Control Box 380V

The DYA-T07 controller is designed to operate with units ranging from 9.2kw to 15kw. The rugged IP54 enclosure make the DYA-T07 controller suitable for use in sandy or dusty environments as well as environments where the controller will be exposed to the elements. The DYA-T07 is easy to operate and features a large, easy to read digital display with all the critical information regarding the pump. The DYA-T07 controller will protect the pump against under and over voltage as well as pump stall, over current, and dry running.




This three phase analogue control panel is design to operate with units ranging from 9.2 – 15kW, 380V. It will control and protect pump motors in the following capacity:

  1. Under and over voltage
  2. Pump stalled
  3. Over current
  4. Dry runs

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