DY-T03 Analogue Control Box 380V

With its rugged construction the DY-T03 controller is ideally suited for applications in harsh environments where the controller will need to withstand abuse. The DY-T03 can be used for controlling 380v pump motors between 5.5kw and 30kw. The enclosure is IP44 rated and the DY-T03 offers protection against over and under load. The DY-T03 also features terminals for fitting upper and lower liquid level probes.




This three phase control panel is rated for use from 5.5 to 30kW, 380V. It will control and protect pump motors in the following capacity.

Basic control functions include:

  1. Over current and under voltage protection
  2. Unit can detect liquid levels at source and in delivery tank/reservoir and react according to parameters by using float level switches & probes.
  3. Power will be switched off in the event of power failure or loss of a phase.
  4. Short Circuit

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