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A grinder and screen system for the effective maceration of screenings. Can be easily retrofitted into new build or existing sewage pump stations or inlet works.


Typical Applications:

  • Pump station screening
  • Inlet works screening


  •  Up to 16,000 m3/h

Features and Benefits:

  •  Self Cleaning Screen – Intermeshing discs give a self cleaning area during normal operational periods. Needs no manual attendance or cleaning. Eliminate disposal costs associated with extracted debris.
  • 5mm or 9mm Aperture Sizes – Ability to separate up to 95% of solids at the given aperture sizes while conveying larger solids towards the grinder.
  • High Torque Grinder – The grinder allows liquid to pass through the cutter stacks, filtering and trapping the entrained solids. High torque is applied to the solids grinding.
  • Hi-Flow Side Rail – Increases the fluid velocity through the grinder.
  • ETOS Cutters – Equal Thrust Off-Set profile offers improved cutting of fibrous material and lower power consumption per revolution of cutter shaft.
  • Channel Depths – 1,000mm, 1,500mm, and 2,000mm options.
  • Slow Operational Speeds – Lower cutter tip speeds dramatically reduce the wear rates. Slow speeds also ensure low noise and vibration and excellent abrasion resistance.
  • PLC Protection – Automatically prevents overloading of the Discam, saving on costly downtime.
  • Materials of Construction – Body castings, heavy duty cast iron, stainless steel. High specification alloy steel shafts and material options for discs, spacers and cutters to suit the application.
  • Installation – Quick and easy with support frames to allow maximum flow across the face of the screen.

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