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CKX Slurry Submersible Pump

The CKX Slurry pump impeller design allows for large solids passage and a large diameter to allow for operation at lower speeds to reduce wear on the pump parts. Extended pump life is achieved with an extra thick wall sections on the casing and replaceable liners to reduce the wear on the casing. The pumps are available with outlet sizes from 4″ up to 8″. The pumps deliver a head of up to 65m with a maximum flow of up to 1500 mᶟ/h.




  1. Solids ranging from 60mm to 228mm and S.G’s to 1.8 can be handled
  2. The CKX can be supplied in many convenient configurations. The pump is available in both horizontal and vertical arrangements which can either be direct or belt driven. The vertical model is offered for both wet sump and dry pit installations.
  3. Heads up to 60m and efficiencies to the 74% mark.

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