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25 April 2022

Why Your Next Mining Pump Should Be An AODD Pump

Mining pumps need to be highly reliable to safely transport water and liquids for essential mining operations. Pumps are used for a variety of essential functions, including transporting water for treatment and safely delivering oil for mining machinery. They need to be secure, sanitary and efficient to avoid jeopardizing the entire mining process. An AODD pump can fulfill all the liquid transportation requirements you need to ensure a successful mining operation. Here’s why your next mining pump should be an AODD pump.

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What Is An AODD Pump?

An Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump (AODD pump) is one which uses compressed air to move liquids or solids up or down a pipe network. Air is vented and pumped constantly from two chambers on either side of the pump. This creates a continual pumping action that allows goods to move against gravity or downwards to your mine safely and efficiently.

As the design is simple yet effective, AODD pumps are usually a more cost-effective option when compared to other pumping methods. They are also easier to clean or install pump stands for cleaning purposes. These features make them ideal for sanitation, the food industry, and mining operations.

At AQS Liquid Transfer, we are the sole provider of Sandpiper and Versamatic AODD mining pumps in South Africa. Read on to find out the benefits of using an AODD pump in your mining operations.

AODD Pumps Can Transport Flammable Liquids

AODD pumps run off compressed air rather than electricity, making them extremely useful for the transportation of flammable liquids. They can be safely grounded in explosive environments, making them invaluable in mining operations where fumes are a real risk. Safely transport oil to your mining machinery without worrying about the risk of on-site accidents. AODD pumps also have no seals, significantly reducing the costly risk of leaks throughout the pumping network.

AODD Pumps Can Transport Solids

Over 20% of pump damage is caused by clogs and blockages. Damage to your pump can easily derail your entire mining operation. However, AODD pumps can transport solids as well as liquids, meaning that solids can be transported securely up and down the pump network with significantly less risk of blocking the network. Traditional pumps for mining may not be equipped to handle solids, which may lead to pump damage and costly repairs. AODD ball valve pumps can handle solids just under 20mm in diameter, keeping solids moving continuously.

Your AODD Pumps Will Operate Even When Dry

Traditional pumps can only operate without water for less than a minute without sustaining damage. If pumps run dry, there is a risk of cracks, leaks and substantial damage, which would hold up mining operations and cost money to repair. A damaged pump can cost as much as 100,000 US dollars per hour due to lost operations and overall repair costs. However, AODD pumps can operate even when dry, making them ideal for mining operations like dewatering.

Resilient AODD Pumps Can Withstand Many Mining Tasks

AODD pumps are suitable for use throughout a mining site. They can be quickly thrown into difficult to reach locations to pump water and can be tossed or dragged without sustaining damage. AODD pumps come with a number of base options, providing stability even in rugged mining locations. They are also portable, which allows them to be transported throughout the project and used whenever they are needed.

AODD Pumps Are Not Complicated To Operate

The true beauty of an AODD pump comes with its simplicity. You don’t have to worry about the complexity of dismantling a pump costing you time and ultimately money. If an AODD pump does require repairs, they can be undertaken on site without the need for extensive training or taking above ground. They can also be transported in a cart easily, and once mounted can start working without the need for a complex setup.

Sanitary And Hygiene Easier To Maintain With AODD Pumps

Water sanitation is a key part of any mining operation. Contaminated water is transported away for treatment before re-entering the water supply. Statistics show that over 500,000 abandoned mines in the US alone will cause up to $20 billion in environmental damage. It is essential to have an established water sanitation process along with your mining operation.

AODD pumps not only provide the means of transportation for contaminated water, but help with the sanitation process. Many AODD pumps are made with stainless steel to stop materials clinging to the network, and the lack of seals or complex setup minimizes the chance for build up in the pump. With an AODD pump you can be confident that your sanitized water will not be recontaminated on its way back into the water supply.

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AODD Pumps Can Handle Various Pressures, Flows And Submersion

AODD pumps can be submerged as long as the exhaust remains above water, and can manage a huge range of depths and product viscosity. Standard pumps can handle over 8 bar, or 80 meters of water, while high pressure units can handle over 16 bar. At AQS Liquid Transfer, we have a huge range of mining pumps to suit your needs. You can also facilitate speedy transportation with an AODD pump, with flow rates of over 1,000 liters per minute.

What Mining Operations Are AODD Pumps Suitable For?

AODD pumps are suitable for a huge range of mining operations. Just some of the suggest usages include:

Dewatering – dewatering is the process of transporting water that gathers during mining, and transporting this away for sanitation. There are different forms of dewatering, such as drift, face or belt dewatering, or the transportation of mud and slurry.

Fuel – to keep mining operations running while underground, AODD pumps can help deliver liquids and fuels from above ground to maintain machinery.

Sanitation – AODD pumps can help transport chemicals and neutralizers to aid with the water sanitation process.

Solvents – Solvents are used to separate the minerals from the ore. AODD pumps help transport the solvents and water for this process.

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