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15 December 2022

What are AODD Pumps Used For?

What Do We Use AODD Pumps For

AODD pumps offer a brilliant alternative to centrifugal pumps. We use them in many applications in a wide range of industries. These include the gas & oil sectors, food processing plants, and chemical manufacturers. We also use AODD pumps for applications like the paint industry, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.

AODD pumps have improved over the years. Advanced technology and design have contributed to their continued developing design. This has taken place over the past 6 decades.

How Do AODD Pumps Function? What Makes Them Different?

AODD pumps are diaphragm pumps best known for their self-priming characteristics. The size and rate of the chambers determine the flow rates. Their flow rates can range from high or low. They can pump sludges with ease. Their discharge pressure can reach 8.6 bar.

They achieve flow rates through the movement of pliable diaphragms. The compressed air supply is directed to the back of the diaphragms which in turn then presses against the fluid in the fluid chambers. They then let the air out from the air chambers alternately. This happens at opposite ends of the diaphragm. This motion creates the pumping action in AODD pumps.

The fluids flow through one-way check valves on entry and exit of the fluid chamber. This ensures the fluid only flows in one direction through the chamber.

4 Reasons AODD Pumps Are So Popular

1. AODD Pumps are User-Friendly

  • AODD pumps are user-friendly. They are easy to operate. Their straightforward design and capabilities make them the #1 choice for many users.
  • They are portable.They are thus easy to transport and use in hard-to-reach and multiple locations.
  • Their simple design has no rotating, or close-fitting parts.This makes them easy to assemble.
  • Users can use them immediately once connected. There are no actual installation costs. Simply plug and play and you are ready to go.
  • We use AODD pumps in a wide range of applications. Manufacturers make them from a vast range of materials to suit varying applications.
  • AODD pumps need little, if any, maintenance. They only ever need simple routine cleaning.
  • AODD pumps need no oil or lubrication. The result? These pumps don’t stall because of a lack of oiling or lubrication.
  • When AODD pumps run dry, no damage occurs through wear and tear of internal parts and motors.
  • AODD pumps can be dead-headed and suffer no damage. The dead head of a pump is a condition in which a centrifugal pump operates continually without any fluid flow through the pump. This leads to undesirable consequences for the pump and other parts of the system.
  • If the pumps reach low pressures resulting in the pump shutting down, it can do this safely without incurring damages or broken parts.
  • These pumps are easy to dismantle, clean, and repair. Far easier than other pump types.
  • Users can enjoy smooth running operations when using AODD pumps in a vast array of applications.

2. AODD pumps can be used for a variety of applications

What you intend using your diaphragm pump for will determine the size of the pump. The type of industry is another determining factor. We use AODD pumps for a variety of applications. The beauty of these pumps is they can handle a range of flows and product. These could be anything from water to solids.

  • Materials of pumps are 100% dependent on the type of application. (non-metallic or metalic).
  • The range of applications is vast. We use AODD pumps for everything from water to aggressive chemicals.
  • Customisation of AODD pumps will keep costs down.
  • A suitable pump for your specific needs is all that you need.
  • Certain industries require the certification of diaphragm pumps. This is so they comply with specific health, safety and FDA regulations.
  • A good example of specifications is the food industry, where manufacturers use them for hygienic applications. These often include industries like beer, wine, and milk manufacturing plants.

3. Diaphragm Pump Designs Ensure Enhanced Safety.

No electricity or fuel is necessary to drive diaphragm pumps. There are no harmful fumes and no risk of product damage. There is also little risk of injury.

  • We can fully submerge the pumps in liquids with the aid of a breather pipe. The reason for this is they are 100% sealed. This ensures no risk of contamination. This is an added advantage for the food and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Because diaphragm pumps are air-driven, there are no liquid leakage concerns or short circuitry producing flashing.
  • In unsafe applications and locations, these pumps are a brilliant alternative to electric pumps.

4. Why Flexible Sizes & Discharge Make Them Ideal

Flow rates of AODD pumps range from 19 to 1 100 litres a minute. Manufacturers of diaphragm pumps offer a wide selection of pump sizes. There is a pump for every unique application.
The pumps can pump as slowly as 3.785 litres a minute.

In terms of pressure output, Expect a standard unit of a 1-to-1- ratio. When more pressure is required, users can choose 2-to-1 pump pressure ratio pumps.

What are The Best Applications for AODD Pump Systems?

We use AODD pumps in almost all industries that transfer fluids. The reason is they are so easy to use.

They are extremely versatile.
Industries often use diaphragm pumps for water removal or for dewatering in a wide range of industries. We use them for dispensing and metering, and for filling as they are both accurate and efficient to use.

Diaphragm pumps produce enormous pressure. This makes them an excellent option for cleaning and spraying.

Discover More About AODD Pumps and How They Work

Get a pump tailored to your individual needs. Our team is here to assist with the finer details. Every industry has unique requirements. We use pumps for many applications, from water to sludge. Let us advise you on the best one for your industry.
We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all for double-diaphragm pumps.

Do you still have questions? Contact our AxFlow AQS Liquid Transfer specialists today and find out which one’s the best for you. You will find us on +27 12 548 7204 or fill out our enquiry form. We are here to give you the right advice and service excellence!

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