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24 July 2023

How to Choose the Right Agricultural Pump for Farming

Farmers often face challenges. Some of these include climatic conditions and shortages of water. The drought in some South African provinces and power issues demand attention to pump efficiency. Most farming entities have two components appearing on their utility bills. These are the consumption charge and connection change (kVA).

What is kVA & What Role Does It Play When Choosing an Agricultural Pump?

The capacity of the line or the size of the transformer determines kVA. We refer to kVA as the electricity rate. It determines how many pieces of electrical equipment can operate. kVA is a fixed amount regardless of the amount of electricity used and is determined by the installed transformer.

Collating smart meter data could result in a reduction in utility costs. Configure your electrical systems well and select electrical equipment for your unique specifications. This will avoid unnecessary power usage in the long term.

How to Avoid Power Costs as Your Business Grows

It is advisable to upgrade your header when upgrading your pump. As your operation expands, bigger, faster pumps will also need header upgrades.

Upgrading irrigation systems and pumping systems is not a straightforward exercise.

The most economically viable ways of upgrading usually include:

  • Keep the original pump motor, but increase the header size. The result? Reduced pressure but increased flow.
  • Upgrading to a parallel pump configuration. This increases power by 100%. It won’t increase it by 150%, though.
  • Flow, however, will only increase by a mere 66%.
    An extra header pipe with its own pump could be the best option.

Oversized Pumps Require Adjusting. Here’s How:

Variable speed drives can be controlled automatically or manually. We combine these with flow meters and pressure sensors.

Users can skim impellers to align with flow requirements. It is advisable to ask your pump supplier for advice regarding impeller skimming.

Some pump systems have PRVs (pressure relief valves) to get rid of excess pressure. With some configurations, a globe valve and normal gate installation will restrict flow.

PRVs burn excessive energy and could prove a costly solution.

Regular Maintenance of Your Water Pump is Key to Longevity

Regular maintenance of your agricultural pump is vital. Dirty strainers result in significant head loss. A dirty strainer could also reduce efficiency and increase power consumption. And in the long run cause metal fatigue due to cavitation.

There are two Common Pumps Used for Agriculture:

The two most common pumps used in agriculture are positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps.

How to Get the Best Pump for Your Farming Business

Selecting the right agricultural pump is vital for any successful farming business. Do your homework carefully and choose a pump that meets your needs to ensure cost-effectiveness and longevity.

The discharge and pressure change the amount of water and ensure even distribution. Uneven crop conditions might result from a lack of water. Too much water, on the other hand, could carry away nutrients and increase soil erosion.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right pump for the agricultural sector. Listed below are key points to guide you:

#1 Is Water Availability

Farmers need water for livestock and crops. Determining the quality and water levels is essential. Users need to calculate water management to select the right pump for their agricultural needs. It is vital to know which types of pumps are suitable to function throughout the year. Not just when experiencing a dry season or during the rainy season.

Water Requirements for Specific Pumps

Calculating the accuracy of water requirements is vital during pump selection. We make pump selections based on specific needs and specific crops cultivated. Pumps need to deliver maximum flow rates for the best results.

Choose From the Plethora of Pumps Readily Available

Choose from the plethora of pumps available. These include centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, turbine pumps, and piston pumps. Each has varying applications and distinct features.

Farmers use centrifugal pumps for irrigation, while submersible pumps are suitable for wells.

Dewatering Pumps

Pinpoint the Power Source for Your Pump

We use varying power sources to power pumps. Pumps are powered using diesel engines, electricity, centrifugal force, and solar. Consider reliability and costs when looking for the best pump for your specific application.

What is Pump Efficiency & Why Does it Matter?

Invest in high-efficiency pumps as these save energy and minimise long-term operation and maintenance costs.

What is a Total Dynamic Head and Why is it Important?

The total Dynamic Head is the height the pump needs to lift the water and the resistance in the irrigation system. To find the right pump to handle the required pressure, farmers need to calculate the required pressure or consult a pump expert to assist with these calculations.

Maintenance and Pump Requirements

Factoring maintenance costs of the pump into your budget when making your selection matters. The durability and reliability of agricultural pumps play an important role. Farmers need pumps that are robust. This will avoid downtime and repair costs. AxFlow/AQS offers a complete range of reliable pumps for the agricultural sector.

Step 4: Check Bearing Condition

Ensure bearings spin freely and have sufficient lubrication. Lubricants should not bubble. If they do, you may need to add more to dissipate excess bearing heat.

Factor Any Extra Expenses Into Your Initial Cost

Factor long-term expenses into your budget when investing in an agricultural pump. Do not forget to add in any additional accessories and maintenance costs.

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