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21 September 2021

Submersible Pumps

Your Supplier of Submersible Pumps

AQS Liquid Transfer is an importer and distributor of a variety of pumps in Southern Africa, with our range of products aimed at the mining, agricultural, industrial, and utility industries. We have been at this for the past few decades, forming valuable partnerships with industry-leading companies and providing them with quality products that include submersible pumps. Therefore, you can trust that we can deliver quality products for your business as well.

Different Types of Pumps

Pumps are normally used to move liquids or gasses via mechanical means, usually with electrical energy being converted into hydraulic energy to drive the pump. For the most part, such pumps are powered by motors that are specifically built and designed to fit specific pump types and flow rates. Some industrial pumps are also driven by gearboxes for optimised control for flow rates and power being sent to the pump from the motor. Submersible pumps are mechanical pumps that can be submerged in the liquids they are pumping, making them ideal for underground pumping solutions such as boreholes, sewage, sludge, and dewatering.

How Does a Mechanical Pump Work?

Mechanical pumps, such as submersible and positive-displacement pumps, are driven by electric motors that can produce enough kW to power the pump unit. The electric energy is converted into hydraulic energy by means of a piston or a similar mechanical element in the pump, generating the force that is required to move the fluids through the system. Positive-displacement pumps trap a specific amount of the fluids in a cavity and force that amount out – a process that is referred to as positive displacement. Submersible pumps can be placed directly in the fluids, acting in a similar fashion to displace liquids within a sealed or closed pipeline or surface-pumping system.

The Applications of Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are ideal for underground pumping purposes and commonly used in sewage systems, boreholes, and dewatering applications. We offer a wide range of units that cater to these specific applications, ensuring that your business can get the ideal pump for the job. Our products include a selection of power outputs as well, giving you the freedom to find the exact unit that matches a specific application. As a result, AQS Liquid Transfer should be your first choice when you are looking for a supplier in Southern Africa that can deliver quality units to live up to your standards. Please feel free to browse our website for details on how we can supply your business or contact us directly with any enquiries today.

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