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28 September 2021

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Progressive Cavity Pumps Supplier in Southern Africa

If you are a business that operates in the industrial, mining, agricultural, or utility sectors in Southern Africa, AQS Liquid Transfer is your solution to a supplier of a variety of pumps, including progressive cavity pumps. For the past few decades, we have partnered with some of the industry leaders in these sectors, valuing our partnerships and ensuing that our customers are satisfied with our products. Therefore, you can trust that our range of pumps will serve your needs and deliver feasible solution for your business.

What is a Progressive Cavity Pump?

Progressive cavity pumps fall under the category of positive-displacement pumps, which are units that displace liquids or gasses via mechanical/hydraulic means. A positive-displacement pump is driven by an electric motor and designed to trap fluids in a cavity and force it through the pump itself. Such a type of unit makes for an ideal submersible solution, used for underground purposes such as sewage, boreholes, and dewatering.

A progressive cavity pump utilises a rotor to displace fluids through the pump by means of a sequence of small and discrete cavities with fixed shapes as the rotor turns. Therefore, the flow rate is directly proportional to the rotation rate of the rotor, making it unique in comparison to other submersible and positive-displacement pumps. This type of pump is ideal for fluid metering in terms of viscosity and pumping viscous or shear-sensitive materials. Viscosity refers to the thickness of a liquid, whereas shear-sensitive materials refer to liquids that react to shearing – a process that refers to shear strain, which can deform a material.

Our Selection of Progressive Cavity Pumps

We offer a sensible selection of progressive cavity pumps that include the Compact X Progressive unit. This unit offers high performance in a lightweight package, able to pump 57 m³/hour at pressure levels of up to 24 bar and within temperatures of up to 100˚C. Its patented rotor and stator geometry is designed to reduce the damage to high-peril explosives for greater blast intensity. This unit is available in carbon and stainless steel, with a choice between close-coupled to hydraulic motor or long-coupled to electric motor options.

AQS Liquid Transfer is your first choice when your business needs a supplier of progressive cavity pumps in Southern Africa. For more info on our pumps, please browse our website or contact us directly with enquiries. Let us take care of all your pump needs with a wide variety of units to choose from.

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