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8 February 2022

How Do AODD Pumps Maintain Hygiene In The Food Processing Industry?

Food and beverage processing relies on sanitation, fast processing and efficiency. Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps (AODD pumps) are the best way to minimise the risk of contamination in your food processing plant.

AODD Pumps In The Food Processing Industry

What Are The Benefits Of AODD Pumps in Food Processing?

An AODD pump moves fluids or fluids containing entrapped solids via the movement of compressed air between two chambers and diaphragms on either side of the pump. The air is pumped and vented continuously from these two chambers to create the initial pumping action.

Because of the simplicity of this design, these pumps are great for the hygiene demands of the food processing industry. They are easy to take apart and clean, or can be part of an in-pump cleaning process without significant dismantling required. Some pumps even have rotating pump stands to help with the cleaning process.

As well as using Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps for sanitation, they also have some additional benefits. Read on to find out more below.

They Have Reduced Contamination Points

Some pumps have additional compartments that can increase the build-up of materials, leading to potential contamination points. Sandpiper AODD pumps have an ergonomic design that allows for the movement of fluids and solids without anything sitting in the pump. This makes AODD pumps ideal pumps for hygiene purposes by using polished stainless steel for some pump models.

They Are Safe To Use

As AODD pumps rely solely on compressed air, there is no electricity required to operate them. This is essential for the beverage industry, when goods such as alcohol or spirits need to be transported. All our AODD pumps can be grounded (ATEX Rated) and are safe to operate with flammable materials.

Products Are Protected

Shear sensitive products are those which are at risk of changing viscosity when they are exposed to (high velocity) pumping mechanisms. The additional stress or pressure can considerably change the appearance and consistency of a shear sensitive product. Fortunately, AODD pumps from AQS Liquid Transfer are gentle on products with shear sensitivity.

They Are Efficient

There is a high risk of pumps running dry during food processing, particularly for beverages. AODD pumps are self-priming and can run dry indefinitely. This makes our pumps more effective as they can complete tasks for longer, without the need for manual intervention or the risk of damage.

They Can Handle Different Temperatures and Viscosity

AODD pumps can easily transport hot or cold goods, at a range of viscosities, pressures and flow rates. The rate of the pumps can be adjusted easily, meaning they can be used for a wide range of products, from condiments and sauces to more viscous products like canned goods.

They Are Inexpensive

The simplicity of these pumps means they are relatively inexpensive when compared to other pumps. They rely solely on compressed air, which makes them easy to use but also very fairly priced.

What Are The Different Types Of AODD Pump?

All of AQS Liquid Transfer’s AODD pumps are fully compliant with international regulations. The two types of regulation most commonly seen are:

FDA Compliance

FDA compliant AODD pumps are those that are used in the US food supply. The Food and Drugs Administration require the pump to be made with products that are FDA approved, including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Santoprene
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene

FDA-approved AODD pumps may also come with particular finishes on the design to prevent contamination risk from rust. If you do not use an FDA approved pump in US food processing, you can be heavily fined or receive criminal charges.

3-A Approved

3-A Approval is a yearly certification awarded by 3-A. 3-A is a sanitation body that maintains hygiene standards, particularly in the use of food processing for dairy products. Once you have the certification your pump must maintain the same standards each year. These pumps are usually high-shine to minimise contamination and build-up.

How Are These Two Pump Types Used Differently?

3-A approved AODD pumps tend to be focused on pumping goods that contain dairy. This includes obvious ones like milk, cottage cheese or soy, but also more obscure goods like salad dressing. FDA-approved AODD pumps are instead used more for the pumping of alcohol, juices and sauces.

Why AQS Liquid Transfer?

AQS Liquid Transfer is the sole distributor of Sandpiper and Versamatic pumps in South Africa. Our pumps offer two of the finest brands needed for the food and beverage industry. Read on to find out some of the key features of a pump from AQS Liquid Transfer

Clean-In-Pump Design

All our pumps offer the clean-in-place (CIP) feature, which means that the pump doesn’t need to be fully disassembled to be made sanitary. This allows the pumps to be completely flushed without being fully taken apart.

Range of Materials

Our pumps come in a range of materials, from stainless steel through to PVDF. Handle a range of liquids, temperatures and pressures with our versatile range of AODD pumps. All units are ATEX-compliant to enable grounding and optimum safety.

Leak Detection And Streamlined Surfaces

Leak detection prevents contamination or hazards, while the smooth, clean designs allow for decreased contamination risk. The ergonomics of the pumps ensure that no products and money are lost.

Portable And Easy To Disassemble

When you do need to move your AODD pump, the clamped construction allows for easy deconstruction and moveability. Set up your food processing the way you need to, with flexible options for changing the order of your production line.

AQS Liquid Transfer: Proud Suppliers Of AODD Pumps in South Africa

AQS Liquid Transfer is a proud supplier of AODD pumps from South Africa to the rest of the world. For two decades, we have led the pump industry to deliver premier products to the mining, industrial, food and beverage, and agriculture sectors. In 2017 we used our expertise to launch our own Technical Facility. There we assemble, repair and provide you with the AODD pumps you need to make your food processing plant sanitary and successful.

Want to talk to us about your AODD pump options? Contact us today and speak to one of our expert AODD pump specialists about the best pump for your business needs.

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