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26 March 2021

Decreasing Downtime While Increasing Pumping Efficiencies with AQS Liquid Transfer

From handling tailings to dewatering flooded sections, there is no doubt that mines rely heavily on pumps to keep things flowing. With the growing demand to increase production, gold mines are required to mine further and deeper to ultimately reach rich reserves. In order to achieve this, one of the most essential parts of mining operations are the requirements for high pressure water underground, including feed water for the drills. However, some of the world’s gold is mined at depths of up to four kilometres. This in itself can pose problems such as, occasional rock bursts, groundwater seepage and an ever-present danger of flooding. It is no wonder that dewatering is crucial to maintaining production.

The extreme depth required in the gold mining processes can also result in miners being exposed to extremely high temperatures at the rock face. In order to reduce those temperatures, refrigeration plants and chilled water pumps are used continuously to maintain relatively comfortable working temperatures. These systems are underground and are used in conjunction with the ventilation systems as part of the total mining cooling process. AQS Liquid Transfer’s pressure boosting systems can be used for dust suppression below and above the ground as well as in the successful supply of high-pressure water to feed the monitor guns in the remining process.

When it comes to the surface processes, water requirements are vast and sometimes require specialist knowledge to effectively facilitate the effective use of equipment to achieve optimal production. The use of static or mobile pumping systems can be applied to best meet each applications’ requirements. In some cases, the need to design and build floating pumping stations prove to be the best options.

AQS Liquid Transfer’s wide range of pumps is available to address the challenges of mine dewatering and process water applications without sacrificing production or performance. Our diversified range of products and services allow us to be part of the effective support team to the mines.

Our team of highly qualified engineers are available to address very technical applications to ensure maximum efficiency while decreasing downtime.

AQS Liquid Transfer is part of Axel Johnson International, a global industrial group of more than 150 companies in 30 countries. Axel Johnson International drives business development and growth through a long-term approach to ownership in strategically selected niche markets, primarily technical components and solutions for industrial processes. Axel Johnson International is organised in six business groups: Driveline Solutions, Fluid Handling Solutions, Industrial Solutions, Lifting Solutions, Power Transmission Solutions and Transport Solutions. Axel Johnson International is part of the Swedish family-owned corporate group Axel Johnson.

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