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1 September 2021

Borehole Pumps

Borehole Pump Suppliers in Southern Africa

Boreholes are used to access groundwater from an underground aquifer. Groundwater is a term that refers to the water from an underground aquifer, with several households, industrial properties, and commercial buildings in South Africa that utilise this alternative water source to their advantage. If you are looking for a supplier of quality borehole pumps, AQS Liquid Transfer is your answer. We import and distribute a variety of pumps, ensuring that we can supply your business with what you need in this domain. We also offer solar borehole applications and solutions!

How Does a Borehole Work?

Boreholes are constructed in a similar fashion as a well, granting access to groundwater that can be used for several applications, dependent on the contamination levels of the water. Instead of dropping down a bucket and roping it back up, a borehole pump is installed at the bottom of the well to pump the water to the surface. These pumps can also be submersible, where the pump is completely submersed in the aquifer. Groundwater is commonly used for irrigation purposes but can also be used for commercial and industrial means with machinery that require water to function and operate.

Our Selection of Borehole Pumps

We supply an extensive range of borehole pumps that range from 3″ to 8″ units. Therefore, you can achieve the ideal flow rate for your borehole, ensuring that the perfect pump is installed to match the borehole test and deliver optimal performance for the property. Our pumps feature NEMA standard submersible motors to power the units. As a result, you can expect reliable performance and desirable flow rates to get the best out of your borehole. Our units can also be compatible with other brands that are built to the same specifications, making them versatile and ensuring that they can serve their purpose for your business.

About AQS Liquid Transfer

AQS Liquid Transfer offers a wide variety of products that caters to the agricultural, industrial, mining, and utility industries in Southern Africa. We also offer solar borehole solutions if you want to utilise a secondary water source on your property. As a company, we value our strong and ever-growing partnerships with industry leaders, and can be your supplier of quality borehole pumps, along with other products that include centrifugal pumps, hose pumps, and control equipment to only name a few.

If your business needs a supplier of positive-displacement pumps in Southern Africa, AQS Liquid Transfer is your solution. Please feel free to browse our website for details on our products or contact us directly with any enquiries on how we can supply your business today.

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