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14 September 2021

Booster Pumps

Your Supplier of Booster Pumps in Southern Africa

AQS Liquid Transfer is an importer and distributor of various types of pumps in Southern Africa, supplying companies in the industrial, mining, agricultural, and utility sectors. We also supply booster pumps, which can be utilised to increase the pressure in a sealed system which is extended to a larger pipeline or system. In other words, if you need a boost in pressure to pump gasses or liquids to an extension, a booster pump is your answer.

Booster Pumps for Drip Irrigation Applications

Drip irrigation, also referred to as trickle irrigation, is a micro-irrigation solution that can save water by targeting the roots of the plants directly. Such an irrigation system can operate above the soil surface or be buried below the surface, dependant on the root zone of the plants. By irrigating the root zone directly, drip irrigation minimises the chances of water evaporating during the day, saving water and delivering it directly to the roots. Booster pumps can assist in drip irrigation applications, which plays a pivotal role in the modern agricultural industry.

Booster Pumps for Increasing Water Pressure

Water pressure is pivotal for almost any commercial or industrial facility, not to mention residential housing or irrigation systems. A water pressure booster pump can be an ideal solution when you need extra oomph to increase the pressure and flow rate at which the water pumps through a specific system. These units are available in either constant or variable speed pumps, where the constant speed variant works as an on/off switch and the variable speed variant offers flexibility in terms of applied pressure and flow rate control.

How Can AQS Liquid Transfer Assist My Business?

AQS Liquids has served in the pump industry for the past few decades, building partnerships with industry leaders and supplying them with quality solutions. Our range of pumps include booster, submersible, and progressive cavity units to only highlight a few categories. We also supply control equipment and accessories to go along with our range of pumps, giving you the peace of mind that we offer a comprehensive service.

If your business needs a supplier of quality booster pumps in Southern Africa, AQS Liquids is your answer. Please feel free to browse our website for details on our available products or contact us today with any enquiries. Choose us as your business partner and enjoy quality pumps at your disposal with us on your side.

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