Large AQS diaphragm pumps were used to pump the oil out of a beached tanker, the Phoenix, at Sheffield Beach in 2011. The oil was pumped through a pipeline which lead through a residential home and into a road tanker on the street. This lightened the ship and removed the danger of an oil leak, allowing the ship to be pulled out to sea safely and more easily.
This pump is being used to pump the ceramics used for tiles, toilets, etc.
This pump set has recently been sent to a Zambian Lodge and Lion Sanctuary to ensure a constant supply of water for guests and the lions.
This booster set was designed specifically for an application in Africa.
An AQS Booster set was recently designed by AQS in order to get water to a school in Amsterdam, Mpumalanga. There are 1000 learners and they all live on the school premises.
Two Double Diaphragm Pumps pump the starch from the Starch Plant to Cardboard Corrugation Machines. Cardboard pages are rolled through the starch which is in troughs. The excess starch is then pumped back to the Starch Plant by six of these Double Diaphragm Pumps.
AQS has designed a system with Eco Car Wash that enables them to use only 1 litre of water for each car that is washed! We pump the solution which consists of Eco “muti”(a special chemical) and 210 litres of water, into the portable trolleys.
Our diaphragm pumps transfer the pigments that are used in certain paints and crayons!
AQS Pumps are currently being used in several Dialysis systems in many hospital in South Africa. These systems remove the impurities from the blood of patients whose kidneys no longer function properly. For some patients this is a life-saving treatment as it keeps them alive while they wait for a kidney transplant.
These diaphragm pumps are used to transfer the tanning liquid in a car leather treatment plant.
Next time you eat liquorice, keep in mind that it could have been pumped through one of our Heavy Duty Ball Valve pumps.
Next time you take a drag of a cigarette, look out for the AQS taste of quality - our S15’s pump the filter glue for several brands like Dunhill.
This VT Submersible Pump has been reinforced with an AQS custom-made “cage” for protection and is currently operating in the Zambezi River.
Our aluminium E3’s are used to pump cement for low cost housing in Gauteng.
Next time you eat a sausage roll, keep in mind that its filling could have been pumped by AQS!
This Diaphragm Pump has been attached to a custom-made cage for added protection and to allow for the dragging of the pump underground.
Our S15’s are used to pump the ink which is used on the new R10 and R100 notes.
Our S20 diaphragm pumps pump certain paints.
AQS diaphragm pumps are used to pump a variety of well-known sauces into their containers.



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